The Music Jam Night at The Craft Barcelona


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Live Music, Packed with Locals, Travellers &  Excellent Craft Beers

The Craft Barcelona is known for its fantastic choice of craft beer and pinchos – and its the venue for this great show, hosting musicians from all over the world.

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Show Times
This show is scheduled to start from 9:30pm until late. The line up can fill up very quickly so to make sure you’re not disappointed, please try to turn up early and speak with one of the hosts if you want to perform. With the show being FREE, the performers always really appreciate any help like donations or a drink.
Spoken Languages
The shows are scheduled with an English audience in mind. However, between our hosts, we can also communicate in Spanish and Catalan. In the event that the majority of an audience is Spanish, we often change languages to best fit whoever is there to enjoy the show.
Food & Drink Offers
For this event The Craft has arranged 4 beers for €10, 5 Urquell beers for €12, 1 litre of beer for €9.90 and a combo deal of 5 beers with 5 pinchos for just €20!

Also as part of the menu, they offer: Patatas bravas + 2 Urquell beers for €6.50Patatas bravas + 2 House beers for €9 or a burger, patatas bravas with an Urquell beer for just €10.50!

How to get there
You can find The Craft Barcelona next to Plaza Jaume – Carrer Paradís, 4 – in the centre of Barcelona. The metro is located at Jaume I (L4 Yellow).

Your Hosts for the night

Liam Cloud

Liam is a singer-songwriter and one of the best musicians in Barcelona. He has appeared on 'The Voice' TV show & performed all over the world

Oscar Martinez

Oscar is an outstanding musician & is well known and respected in Barcelona. He can sing, play the guitar & drums amazingly.


Want to perform at this event?

Every event we host in Barcelona is different & requires a certain skill set for the performs. What can you expect from this show?

House Instruments

For this event we have an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a bass guitar, drums and 2 mics for anyone to use.

Plug in your Phone

If you want to sing from your own sound source, you are welcome too.

Sound Mixer

We welcome anyone to plug in your own instruments or sound modulation boxes

Meet Musicians

Lots of local & visiting musicians are always at the shows. Ask them if its ok to get on stage with them

Get yourself on the performers list

If you want to perform, its a first come, first serve policy. If you turn up late and we already have a full list, don’t expect to perform. This is why we have set up an online form for you to add yourself on the night.

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The Craft’s

Performer Peaks

Performers receive a free beer, wine or soft drink

Every performer can play 1 – 2 songs

Play covers or originals, it’s up to you

Full use of our mics, and instruments

Party with the other musicians

Ask about offers at the bar

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