About the Pumpage Network in Barcelona

Get to know a bit more about the biggest events organizer in Barcelona.

Our main goal

The Pumpage Network was founded with the goal in mind to provide professional, top quality events all around Barcelona for visitors and locals alike. We achieve this by forging fantastic relationships with the venues that host us, and by becoming part of the local community of musicians and stand-up comedians.

As we grow and find success in our different ventures, we bring more and more shows to the limelight – pulling talent not only from the local performers of Barcelona but also big names from overseas.

Supporting local talent

Through events like our music Open Mic competitions, Jam Nights and our Best of Barcelona show, not only can we locate and identify talent – but we can help broadcast it to the world. Once we decide to work with a promising musician or band, we can utilize our network of fellow marketers and organizers to really push them to the spotlight.

By going through the stages of our Open Mic competitions, not only do musicians have an opportunity to win cash prizes, but they’ll also be offered a chance for a paid show at one of our venues. We can also use our influencing power on YouTube and other platforms to expand on the fan base that the musician or band already had.